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Substitute Teachers

Last Updated: 8/31/2020 10:46 PM

Teacher in front of blackboard teaching students

Substitute Teachers are an integral part of the educational process in Bonneville School District. They have the opportunity to support the student educational experience. It is critical that students have an effective teacher everyday, and that no instructional time is wasted. When the regular teacher is absent, substitute teachers play a significant role in maintaining a stable classroom. Substitute teaching can be a rewarding job, and often assists aspiring teachers in gaining the experience needed to lead their own classroom. It also provides a flexible job where you determine the days you will work.

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Substitute Teacher & Paraprofessional Pay Rate

  Non-Degreed (HS Diploma or Equivalent)   $  8.75  per hour
  Associates Degree or 60+ College Credits   $  9.75  per hour  
  Bachelors or Advanced Degree   $ 10.75 per hour
  Certified Substitute Teacher *   $ 11.75 per hour

*Requires a valid teaching certificate from any US State. Please note that certified substitute teachers who accept a paraprofessional position will receive $10.75 per hour.


 Long-Term Substitute Teacher Pay Rate
(Commencing on the 11th continuous day for the same teacher)
  Non-Degreed   $ 15.95 per hour
  Associates Degree or 60+ College Credits        $ 16.90 per hour  
  Bachelors or Advanced Degree   $ 17.90 per hour
  Certified Substitute Teacher *   $ 18.90 per hour

*Requires a valid teaching certificate from any US State

Classified Substitute Pay Rate

  Duty Aide   $  8.75  per hour
  Secretary   $  8.75  per hour  

Office Hours

Nancy Peterson, Substitute Placement Clerk
Direct Line: (208) 557-6821


6:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.



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